Information is the main thing Infobrett handles. But unlike other software Infobrett doesn't deal with a specific kind of information. With Infobrett you can share text, photos and other data. You can also create and manage websites, organize meetings, share calendar entries or manage projects. Even writing bills, accounting, sending newsletters or offering custom services on your website is possible. Infobrett can handle any type of information.

Freedom is not very often associated with software. Users usually feel a certain power and speed working with computers. But programmers give us quite a strict frame to work in unless one can afford user custom designed software. By contrast Infobrett is designed to be changeable and expandable. Users can make procedural changes alone or with the help of professionals.

Basic easy understandable features give users a grip on a software product. The main features of Infobrett are:

Many software products fail to offer these features. They did not include these features from the beginning. And you know that it is hard to add a basement to an already built house.

Expandability gives us the feeling that it is possible to go further than we currently can imagine. Infobrett in its nature is so open for expansion that its developers didn't even try to incorporate all desirable procedures. They care more about how to expand Infobrett rather than with what to expand.

Technology helps us to construct things we need. But do we need software stuffed with technology? Infobrett uses technologies only where they are really needed: no more and no less. And you will be surprised how far a little technology can go. In complex environments Infobrett uses more technology.


Brett is a German word and means board in English

Infobrett is for all.

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Networks give Infobrett the power to share and distribute information. Beside pure data, procedures are also shared through a distributed data base. References between information and key words determine how data is distributed and for which user the information is accessible. To be more independent of a network connection, Infobrett supports offline access to information. To inform users about new information, a wide range of communication channels can be used (e.g., Email, SMS, Fax, Phone etc.).

Open is the key idea of Open Source Software. But what does openness mean if the open source is still hard to understand? Infobrett is open in the way it works, how it communicates and in the direction it develops.

References are the key to share information. By having the same reference to information we are able to share it. Infobrett takes care of the distribution in order that users can share actual information. But the unique references make it possible to recombine information automatically if parts change. This technology is called build system and it makes Infobrett very powerful.

Transparency is a part of collaboration. In the past working with a black box was ok, when its function was clear. A dynamic environment needs more transparency because known black boxes have to be redesigned and recombined. What ever kind of information you see on your personal Infobrett you are empowered to check where it is coming from. But Infobrett can also hide information. Doing that with intention is important, doing it without intention mostly hinders people in their work.